What is DLP and How Does it Work?

Data loss prevention, or DLP, is a bunch of technologies, items, and procedures that are intended to prevent sensitive data from leaving an association. Data can wind up in some unacceptable hands whether it’s sent through email or texting, site structures, record moves, or different methods. DLP techniques must incorporate arrangements that monitor for, recognize, and block the unapproved stream of data. DLP technologies use rules to search for sensitive data that might be remembered for electronic correspondences or to distinguish irregular information moves. The objective is to stop data, for example, protected innovation, monetary information, and representative or client subtleties from being sent, either inadvertently or deliberately, outside the corporate network. Data Loss Prevention protects the data and integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network from unauthorized access, copy and hacking. Its purpose is to defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of data security and loss. Data Loss Prevention encompasses everything that pertains to protect: Sensitive Data Sensitive data will be information that must be protected from unapproved access and unjustifiable exposure to keep up the data security of an individual or association. Personal Information It is a class of property that incorporates intangible manifestations of the human intellect. The most notable sorts are copyrights, licenses, brand names, and trade secrets. Intellectual Property It incorporates a wide scope of data, or an opinion, that could recognize an individual. some model are a person’s name, signature, address, telephone number, or date of birth Company Details, Asset, Information & Data Data assets are the most significant resources in the technology period, and associations burn through billions of dollars to oversee such assets. Examples are application output record, document, data set, or web page used to generate revenues.
  • And, Governmental and Industry Information Systems from unauthorised access, theft, hacking and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries.

Big organizations, individuals everyone get hit by data loss and experience:
  • Phishing schemes
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Data breaches
  • Financial losses

For instance, it takes just five minutes to hack an internet-connected device, which includes your:

Features of Data Loss Prevention Software

  • Easy Monitoring – These software help in providing visibility into data and system access.
  • Proper Reporting – Helps in providing logging and report which are very helpful for incident response and auditing.
  • Analysis – These tools can help in identifying the vulnerabilities and other suspicious behavior in the business flow.
  • Easy Filtering – Doing proper filter in data streams to restrict suspicious or unidentified activity.

Use Cases Where DLP Solutions Can be Very Helpful

  • Meeting Compliance Standards – DLP tools can compare current configurations to compliance standards and helps in providing proof of measures to be taken.
  • Enforcing Security Policies – These tools help the organization in identifying deviations from policy making it easier to correct misconfigurations.
  • Increasing Data Visibility – These tools can help in providing visibility across systems, helping clients ensure that their data is secured.

Which Type of DLP Solution is Right for Your Business?

Network DLP

  • Protects an organization’s network process like web apps, emails, and FTP.
  • Provides visibility into all data in transit on their network.
  • Lives inside the company’s network and monitors all the data as it moves within the network.
  • Maintains a database which helps in providing and storing all the details of the organization.

EndPoint DLP

  • Provides better visibility into stored data on endpoints physically located inside and outside of the organization.
  • Monitors workstations, servers, and mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones, and USB disks.
  • Installs an agent on endpoint equipment to find any leakage of data from any endpoint device.

Storage DLP

  • Helps in providing information about files stored and shared by users of an organization’s network.
  • Helps in viewing sensitive data like shared and stored files in a network.
  • Provides visibility into information stored via on-premise storage equipment as well as cloud-based storage.

Cyber Radar Systems Novo Shield DLP

Cyber Radar Systems provides business-enhancing data loss prevention solutions and services with the best penetration testing services that will safeguard your data from potential continuous data hacks. We have a 3-dimensional policy to protect your data all the time.

CIA Triad- Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

Confidentiality We protect your data from unauthorized access gaining across to an organization’s data without permission. Integrity Data Integrity as a process describes measures used to ensure the validity and accuracy of a data set or all data. Availability We ensure the availability of data that your business needs to function is always accessible when and where required.
  • Theft, Hacking & Internal Threats
  • Manage Risk Across Entire Systems
  • Data Discovery and Security
  • Sensitive Data Loss Prevention Formula

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