Digital Forensics

DF (Digital Forensics) is the scientifically proven methodology to preserve, gather, validate, identify, analyze, and present digital evidence derived from digital marketing services. Any size or kind of business needs to facilitate the reconstruction of the website and say a big bye to any intruders. Now you might be thinking, what is Digital evidence? Well…any data or information that is stored in a computer system or any website that could be read thoroughly and can be understood by the computer itself is the evidence that assists any entrepreneur to maintain backup! With the limitless distribution of PCs, the exchange of information has become quite inexpensive, also hacking is an easy task with the accessibility of smart tools, eventually, digital crime is harder to prosecute in the law. Hence, we’ve found a solution for you! You should know some characteristics of the best digital proof:
  • Justifiable: It should be confirmed with certain laws and regulations
  • Accuracy: An evidence should specific with an individual and events
  • Delicate: It can be easily altered or destroyed
  • Complete: It should contain the full body knowledge
Cyber Radar Systems know some of the locations for Digital Evidence, such as Internet history files, Unallocated spaces, Personal chat room records, settings, folder structure, File storage dates, file-sharing ability, and a lot more, therefore, your data is secured and is with us!

process performed for Digital Forensics


Our professionals very well know how the forensic process goes, we analyze what evidence is present, where and how it is stored. Electronic storage could be personal computers, smart mobile phones, PDAs, smart cards. We observe the key parameters, means type of information, and format.


Physical as well as digital evidence needs to be isolated and preserved in the safest space. The prevention in Digital forensics means acting as a safeguard for people to use digital devices or permitting other electro devices to be utilized within an affected radius.

Analysis and Documentation

Once the evidence is found, it has to be reconstructed and needs to conclude, the process can be lengthy as it takes multiple analyses to support a crime theory. Moreover, the record of stolen data should be created as it assists in reviewing again.

Types of Digital Forensics with Cyber Radar Systems

Disk Forensics: Our professionals extract the data from storage media by searching active or deleted files Network Forensics: We monitor as well as analyze computer network traffic to gather important legal information Wireless Forensics: We’re offering your brand wireless forensics that your business needs to collect the data Malware Forensics: We deal with your malicious code, and study their payload, viruses, worms, etc… Email Forensics: Our experts deal with the recovery and analysis of emails, calendars, and contacts Mobile phone Forensic: We can deal with mobile devices as assist you to retrieve your data such as incoming, outgoing SMS/MMS, Audio, and Videos

When is Digital Forensics used in Business Setting

As you know in the physical world, we leave our fingerprints, hairs, clothing for DNA when we come into interact with any object, likewise in the digital realm we provide echoes and these digital traces include activity logs, timestamps, metadata, and a lot more. Cyber Radar Systems consider this as useful evidence in preparing the origins of a document for legal purposes in knowing the activities of the parties involved such as cyber criminals to reconstruct the information. While monitoring any firm’s systems and software our professionals trace the internal gaps for the security professionals protecting an organization. From a scientific digital forensic point of view, a study of hackers’ minds with forensic analysis and techniques may yield insights into future attack trends. Digital Forensics has tackled a key role in the law enforcement sector to club the exploits of fraudsters, identify thieves, and know what’s happening in the cybercriminal ecosystem. Yes…our professionals work on cellphone forensics in order to offer the best solutions and working conditions. As you know there are a number of mobile and IoT devices in the world, therefore, there is a sub-section of this sort of hardware. Cellphone Digital Forensics are effective in nature to be used as it’s a field that embraces a number of areas that include the recovery of lost phone’s data such as call logs, texts, or any either confidential information.

Why choose Cyber Radar Systems

Our professionals dealing with evidence know how a particular object sometimes turns into vital assets for the case. Digital Forensics is an essential domain for cybersecurity website as it extracts and investigates all digital evidence involved in cybercrime. Do you know to pursue cybercrime legally firms require strong proof? And, then comes to the cyber radar systems sub domain i.e Digital Forensics that enter into the picture of reality.

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Our Cyber Security Testing Services

Penetration Testing

Cyber radar systems penetration testing (ethical hacking) services help in testing the security of an IT organization. We do this by identifying the risks and weaknesses in their security systems and fix those gaps by which a cyber attacker can break into the environment and can copy the important data and information.  

Why Penetration Testing is Important

  • It helps in testing the response and detects the vulnerabilities.
  • Tests the users in conjunction with your business external and internal networks.
  • Manual testing helps in simulating the current threats in your business. Threats like pivoting and post-exploitation.
  • Approves inside and outer security controls, including protections around high-esteem systems. Meets the prerequisites of different compliances like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and some more. Compelling security begins with an away form of vulnerabilities.
  • Meets the requirements of various compliances like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and many more.
  Effective security starts with a clear understanding of vulnerabilities. Our experts can help your business in strengthening business security flow. Along with providing experienced and skilled experts we also bring the most anticipated and potential source of threats to your knowledge. With the help of Cyber radar systems security testing methods and consultancy, you can easily find the weak spots in your business. Our experts will guide you in fixing those issues before any cyber attack takes place.

Cyber Radar Systems Cyber Security Monitoring Services

  • Our managed security monitoring services use the full potential to find the set of vulnerabilities and risks in your business process.
  • We provide unparalleled security monitoring services to safeguard your business from various risks and cyber-attacks.
  • We deliver the most comprehensive set of industrial security capabilities with enterprise-class technology offering the most unmatched threat detection services.
  • Proactive monitoring across the whole security ecosystem of an organization minimizes the chances of various cyber security attacks.

Our Managed Detection and Response Services

Incident Management Services

  • Incident management plan development
  • Incident management program review
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Breach management programs
  • Training and awareness

Managed Security Services

  • Managed SEIM
  • Managed CISO programs
  • Managed security programs
  • Security process programs
  • Security role performance
  • Managing detection and response

Our Security Management Services

Application Security

We focus on securing all the important applications of your business by implementing our security services.

Network Security

Providing the most efficient enterprise security tools to your business CISO so that they can tackle all the issues.

Incident Response

Rapid and thorough incident response is very essential for minimizing all the threats.

Security Assessment and Audits

Providing comprehensive security audit services to find the weakness and gaps in your business flow.

IT Security Operations

24*7 IT security services and solutions by experts to identify and fix the risks in your business model.

Dark Web Monitoring

We also help in monitoring the dark web and provide the most intelligent breach alerts around the cyber security threats.

Benefits of Our Monitoring Services

  • 24*7 chat support and maintenance services
  • Monitoring intrusion prevention services
  • Efficient firewall monitoring
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Log monitoring, Correlation, and storage
The cyber radar systems approach to various security services provides a better idea to clients and businesses about their business risks and vulnerabilities. We provide a team of highly experienced and skilled experts to tackle the security gaps in your business flow. Contact us and get the best ever cyber security services.