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Penetration Testing

Pentesting or Ethical Hacking is a strong practice of testing a computer systems to search for security vulnerabilities that a hacker or attacker could exploit. It can be performed both manually and automatically. It’s the procedure of gathering information about the target before testing. Cyber Security identifies the weak points in your organization’s security posture as well as tests staff security awareness level and measures the compliance of security level. Penetration testing is commonly used to improve a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

It involves the attempted infringes of any number of application systems such as Application Protocol interfaces, frontend, and backend services to uncover effective vulnerabilities. Cyber Radar Systems provides insights by penetration testing that can be used to fine-tune your security policies.

Penetration Testing Stages

Planning and Inspection

Cyber Radar System’s professionals give a brief description of the scope and goals of testing which includes the systems to be addressed and the procedure of working. It’s the procedure of gathering intelligence for your better understanding of how a target works with its vulnerabilities.


Further, our team makes you understand how your target application will respond to static analysis (inspection done to estimate how the code actually works) and Dynamic Analysis (it’s the practical mode of scanning as it provides a real-time view into performance.

Gain access

It’s an important stage of penetration testing that intake webs application attacks, such as SQL injection, backdoors, and cross-site scripting, to reveal a target’s vulnerabilities. Our developers try to exploit vulnerabilities by expanding privileges, stealing data, to briefly understand the damage caused by them.


Our professionals compile these testing in a report that includes specific vulnerabilities, sensitive data, the amount of time the pen tester was able to remain in the systems undetected.

Benefits of Penetration Testing in Cyber Radar Systems

Our professionals work for your business, therefore, we prevent your organization from any kind of cyber attack, maintaining a strong reputation of the brand is essential during the crowded digital world.

  • Secure Data and systems
  • Preventing business interruption
  • Protect your brand’s image
  • Offers learning procedure by breaking down into 3 basic sections (Detect Vulnerabilities, Determine exploits, and Defend against attacks)

How Penetration Testing is done

Web Applications firewalls and Penetration Testing services are exclusive yet it satisfies some compliance requirements for auditing procedures, including PCI DSS and SOC 2

Here we’re offering some methodology:

External Testing

Cyber Radar Systems testing targets the assets of a company that is highly visible on the internet, such as the web application, company’s website, and Domain Name Servers (DNS). This procedure’s objective is to gain access and extract valuable data.

Internal Testing

This kind of procedure exploits vulnerabilities to know what information is actually being exposed. The maximum entrepreneurs conduct internal pen-testing via a VPN connection, generally, this testing is performed on-premises.

Blind Testing

The strategy simulates the actions and processes of a real attacker by limiting the information, it’s a blind tester that provides the only name of enterprises. This provides a security real-time look for how an actual application would look like.

Targeted Testing

Here both tester and security personnel work together, it’s a valuable training exercise that’s offering with real-time feedback.

Responsibilities of Penetration Tester (Cyber Radar Systems)

  • Conduct penetration test and Risk Assessment on an organization’s systems
  • Perform security audits to evaluate whether your organization fits undefined security policies and standardization
  • Ensure physical security to the vulnerability of servers, systems, and various network devices
  • Prepare thorough reports on the findings on penetration testing
  • Organize social engineering tracks for employees training and development
  • Redefine the procedures to combat advance threats

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