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Application Security Testing

How do you identify the threats in the systems and measure its potential vulnerabilities? How you encounter your application threats and take care of your server issues so that it could function without a pause? Well…Cyber Radar Systems detects all possible security risks in your systems and assists the organization’s developers to fix the problems through coding!

The prime goal of Application Security Testing is to find out whether data and software are protected from potential intruders. As you know, today hackers keep on inventing new techniques to steal the data, applications, money, even the entire software, hence if your website is poorly secured you may lose everything. We’re here to protect you as your poor security web apps rise due to the mentioned reasons:

What is Application Security Testing

Software that uncovers all the threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and external loss to prevent the entire systems from malicious attacks. Do you know there are no software or organization left with certain loopholes and weaknesses? Therefore, we Cyber Radar System’s professionals assist your brand to maintain a positive reputation in the business world.

Following techniques are mandatory to overcome the flaws:

  • Notify the web application for XSS
  • Check potential threats on the network
  • Crack the password
  • Detect intrusion
  • Risk assessment
  • Security auditing
  • Vulnerability scanning

What basic security testings are conducted by us

1. Confidentiality

We intake the usage of this testing as it protects the systems against the disclosure of information to third parties (intruders).

2. Uprightness

We conduct this testing to ensure the information received is absolutely correct or not, as the right tools will lead to the right path.

3. Verification

Cyber Radar Systems tests and identifies the person, trace the origins of an object, ensures product packaging and labeling, additionally ensures the systems program is reliable.

4. Accessibility and Authorization

We provide the assurance of getting available the information and communication whenever it’s required. Also, we determine whether the requester is allowed to receive a service and access control.

5. Non-denia

When both side parties (sender as well receiver) receive an effective response then persons cannot repudiate their services systems.

Application Security Testing Benefits:

  • Security of Confidential Information: Sensitive information from old technology can be stolen easily, hence the Cyber Radar Systems assists to fill this gap. And this is the big reason many are not willing to share their personal information online, therefore, to remove this negative layering many companies go with lengthy trustworthy communication to make their customer feel safe. When we perform this testing we ensure that your website is secure from any theft, else your customer’s information is also locked.
  • Earn the trust of the targeted audience

Why your business needs application security

Hackers can control the data of your web pages while controlling your wifi connection even in the presence of HTTPS which is not caught easily and go undetected. You should work on: protect what you have built on your own, prevent your assets from any kind of cyber-attacks! Code security is the smart way to find all the vulnerabilities, it’s a set of broadcasts that give assurance to the targeted audience.

In today’s interconnected world consumers depends on online channels to make transactions, and if your website will lead to any cyber attack then you’ll lose the trust of customer. Therefore, organizations are considering getting the security audits done. Data Security measures the organization’s pitfall arising from accidental disclosure of sensitive data. It’s your time to evaluate which company is the best for your software and systems. If any Cyber Security agency ask or promises to offer the best or effective key solutions then know their past history for your brand’s sake.